Below you will find steps for the completion of tasks prior to the beginning of the school year and complete instructions on setting up and using your PowerSchool父帐户. Click the PowerSchool logo below to go to the PowerSchool login page.

Parent PowerSchool Online To-Do List For The Beginning of the  School Year

  1. 如果需要,创建您的新的家长PowerSchool帐户.  说明可以在下面找到.
  2. Print your son’s schedule and booklist for Book Day and book sales or bring an electronic device that can access your account.  这一信息可能要到7月15日才能得到.
  3. 8月1日前在PowerSchool完成以下表格:
    1. 导航到收集表格并选择人口统计表格
    2. If you wish to participate in the 家庭的承诺 program (optional) complete the 家庭的承诺 sign up
    3. Select SwiftReach SwiftK12 option in the PowerSchool main navigation and select Contact Information to update points of contact for the school notification system
  4. If your son expects to participate in athletics/activities during the year, please complete the Trinity High School Athletic Parent Permission Form.
  5. 建立学校关闭的联系首选项, 紧急情况和其他通信需求, 请参阅完整说明以完成本节 在这里.
  6. Under the “Trinity Links” drop down menu read and join 家庭的承诺 (optional).

Everyone must complete these forms through their PowerSchool accounts.  New information is being collected for our new emergency notification system Alert Solutions.  如果在预定日之前没有提供此信息, you will have an additional step in the Book Day process to complete these forms.


父母 must have a parent/guardian account setup for PowerSchool.  For those parents that haven’t created a PowerSchool account, instructions are below.

父母 must create a parent/guardian account with username and password information provided in the July mailing for all students enrolled at Trinity. The 访问ID and 密码 are used to associate the student with you as the parent/guardian. Your sons should access PowerSchool using the student 访问ID and 密码 provided in the mailing. They should not be accessing PowerSchool utilizing the parent/guardian access. 请按照以下步骤创建您的动力学院帐户. Chrome是PowerSchool的首选浏览器, 使用Internet Explorer可能没有完整的功能.

你可以从 http://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html 如果需要.

If you prefer, a video is provided below demonstrating the creation of a parent account.



    1. 点击“PowerSchool” 下面的图标. 这将打开 PowerSchool 在新窗口或标签页中的登录页面.

    3. 点击“Create Account” tab and then the Create Account button in the lower right hand portion of the screen.
    4. Use the following table to enter information in the Create Parent/Guardian Account section:
      第一个名字 输入你的名字
      电子邮件地址 输入你的电邮地址. 您输入的电子邮件地址用于发送您的学生报告, as well as account recovery notices and account change confirmations.
      所需的用户名 你的用户名是你唯一的 PowerSchool 身份. 创建自己的用户名.
      密码 创建自己的密码.  您的密码必须至少有6个字符长.


    5. Use the following table to enter information in Link 学生 to Account section.  Complete a section for each student you want to link to your account.  You will need the 访问ID and 密码 for each student you want to add.
      学生的名字 First and Last name of the student you want to add to your account.
      访问ID 进入独特的 访问用户名 在你七月给学生的信中提供.
      访问密码 进入 访问密码 提供给学生的七月信中. 注意:密码为大小写 sensitvie
      的关系 说明你和学生的关系.

    7. Once all students are entered, click Enter and the login page will appear.

    9. Enter your username and password, then click on submit to login into your account.
      登录后,您将看到主屏幕. Across the top you will see tabs for each of your sons linked to your account. The left navigation icons provide links to information about current classes, 成绩, 出席, 形式来维持, 帐户偏好和更多. Clicking on Account Preferences tab brings you to a profile screen w在这里 you can update your email, 密码, 或更新与您的帐户相关的学生.




打印你儿子的日程安排和书单, log in to your PowerSchool account and find the drop down menu called Trinity Links on the left side of the page. 从菜单中选择学生时间表. 除了课程名称, 期, 老师的名字, and room information this schedule contains textbook information and ISBN numbers for each course.


请填写以下表格. The form is pre-filled with information we have already obtained about your son. Please insure this information is accurate and you must hit the submit button to complete your submission. It is extremely important to have accurate information regarding your son as he continues at Trinity.

SwiftReach SwiftK12

Swift Reach is Trinity’s notification system for school closures and other communications.  When logged into PowerSchool click on the “SwiftReach SwiftK12” link to update your contact methods, 号码和地址.  Telephone numbers and email addresses previously supplied will be available for you to choose from under the “Contact Information” tab.  You may add unlisted contact points under the “Alert Preferences” tab.


家庭承诺是一个可选项目. The description of 家庭的承诺 and sign up can be found under forms (家庭的承诺 network Sign Up) with instructions to join.  A listing of Trinity families which have chosen to participate in 家庭的承诺 can be found using the Trinity Links menu.