Clubs & Activities


If you’re into it, chances are Trinity has a club or activity for it. Computer Gaming. Ping Pong. Flying. The Environment. You name it. We offer a huge variety of choices to occupy your brain and your body. You may even discover something that becomes a lifetime passion. If there’s one thing we can promise at Trinity, you’ll never get bored.

Fine Arts

Exercise your right brain and feed your creativity with a club that celebrates the fine arts. Whether you love the power of the written word or the adrenaline of performing on stage, Trinity can take you there.

Academic Clubs

Challenge your brain and flex your intellectual muscles by participating in one of our many academic clubs. It could put you on the road to your first-choice college or on an adventure to a foreign land!

Special Interest

These clubs foster student learning or service activities. There is something for everyone at Trinity. Be sure to check out everything we offer – because you won’t want to miss out on the fun!


Intramural leagues are all about friendly competition and having fun. You can compete for your House or just do it for kicks. Regardless, they’re a great way to get active and hang with your Trinity brothers.

Schedule of Upcoming Clubs and Activities

Here you will find all the important information about WHEN and WHERE clubs are meeting as well as WHO to contact with questions or for more information.

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